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Welcome to the Wildwood Fire Department website.  It was designed to communicate between the fire department members and interested guests throughout the city and the entire world.

Let me tell you a little bit about the department. The City of Wildwood Fire Dept. has four divisions, Fire Suppression, EMS, Fire Prevention & Inspection and Administration.

Fire suppression is one of the department's major functions. The fire suppression division encompasses any activities related to the suppression and extinguishment or any type of Emergency. Firefighter/EMS providers staff F-338 around the clock.  The department operates one 75-foot quint, three BLS units, three engines and a ladder tower.  We also have a UTV, two utility vehicles, Haz - mat trailer and a small boat from three stations.
We have 16 paid fire fighters on four platoon and 60 volunteers in 3 fire stations. Station 3 is our Main Head Quarters and is staffed around the clock and is located at City Hall.  This station houses F-338, a 75-foot quint and 3 BLS Units, RS-390, RS391, and RS392, F-337, a recall unit, F-370, a utility vehicle and a cargo trailer for Haz-Mat.  The Main Head Quarters also houses the business offices of the department.  Station 3-1 is the Holly Beach Volunteer Fire Company, which was organized in 1884.  This station houses F-329, mini pumper, F-351, a 95-foot platform and the first and oldest ladder truck in the County if not in the State of New Jersey.  Station 3-2 is the Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company #1, which was organized in 1896.  This station houses F-335, a pumper truck, F-336 a Reserve Pumper Engine and F-396, a one of a kind built and designed by the Volunteers, a Utility Jeep.

The Boroughs of Holly Beach and Wildwood were consolidated into the City of Wildwood in 1912 and the Wildwood Fire Department was formed, consisting of both the Holly Beach Volunteer Fire Company and the Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company #1.

Each station meets once a month and trains 3 to 4 times a month. Our training committee, the Chief, Battalion Chief and Captains, designs all training.


The emergency medical service division accounts for the majority of the City of Wildwood Fire Department’s activities. Currently, the majority of calls for emergency assistance in the State of New Jersey are medical related in nature. Firefighter/EMS providers staff ambulances around the clock. The ambulances are also available to provide mutual aid assistance to the surrounding communities on the Island if needed.

All career members must be certified, at the minimum, to the EMT-defib level and must be certified as a fire inspector with the State of New Jersey. Additionally, all department members are trained in automobile extrication and several members are trained in technical rescue and are Haz – Mat techs.




The Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with inspecting all premises, except owner-occupied detached one and two family structures used exclusively for dwelling purposes.  The buildings are brought into compliance with the N.J. Uniform Fire Code.  These regulations are used to ensure that new and existing buildings are maintained in a fire safe condition.

In addition to general inspections, there are numerous specific areas where inspections are also required. These include:

  • Buildings and uses licensed by the N.J. Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Fire Safety as a life hazard use are inspected by the Fire Department usually on a yearly cycle.
  • Schools and public buildings are also inspected.
  • Single-family residences are inspected when a certificate of smoke detector compliance is requested accompanying the sale of the property.
  • Many of our businesses require operating permits issued by the Fire Department and are inspected yearly.
  • Multiple dwellings, consisting of three or more units are inspected under agreement with the New Jersey DCA on a five-year cycle.
  • Local rooming & boarding houses are inspected yearly.
  • A certificate of occupancy is required for change in ownership, or in many cases, a change in tenancy.  A fire safety inspection is also required.
  • Fire safety inspections of buildings can be initiated through complaints from the public, by firefighter complaints or at the request of the owner.
All complaints are handled in confidence.  If you see a problem or unsafe condition, please call an inspector at (609) 522-2444.ext.2233.



The administrative staff includes the Chief who oversees all aspects of the department. Also included is the Administrative Secretary who handles the issuing of all department memos and orders equipment as ordered by the Chief.  The Chief and Administrative Secretary are all available during normal business hours. The Chief is available on-call for any emergencies the department may respond to. All off duty members are available on-call for emergencies or at the department's request.
City of Wildwood Fire Department
Business Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
I hope that you enjoy our website. Please make sure you check the photo section of our brothers at work.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 609-522-1110.ext.2261.
Chris D'Amico
Chief of Department


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