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The Fire Prevention Bureau functions in many ways to bring about a fire safe community.

The Bureau of Fire Prevention has a highly successful inner department inspection program. It is also the local enforcing agency, which administers the New Jersey Fire Code within the City of Wildwood. Finally, the Bureau is the Fire Safety Education Unit of the Wildwood Fire Department.

The LOCAL ENFORCING AGENCY started in the 1970’s. The present program, started in 2001, enables the on duty firefighters to visit and inspect all businesses and apartment houses within the City. In order to find common hazards, which the owners can easily have corrected. Also, this program accomplishes several other items. The firefighters, while on their inspections, are able to gather all of the current information regarding the property. This is extremely helpful to both the Police and Firefighters when the business is closed and the owners need to be contacted. Another positive thing accomplished on these inspections is that the firefighters get a chance to familiarize themselves with the features of the building, just in case there is a fire. This familiarization has proven very successful in the combating of fires in its early stages. Also, should a business or homeowner have a question regarding the Fire Department, the firefighters can answer them at that time.

As the local enforcing agency, the Fire Prevention Bureau enforces the Uniform Fire Codes of the State of New Jersey. All Platoon Fire Fighters are certified inspectors by the State of New Jersey and are assigned to an area of the City, which is required to be registered with the State of New Jersey as Life Hazard uses. All non - Life Hazard uses are required to registered with the City of Wildwood.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is also responsible for the Fire Safety Education for the City of Wildwood. The Fire Prevention Bureau is planning to provide an aggressive education program that will be conducted all year long. Some of the programs will include, an annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest in the Elementary Schools, an annual Fire Department Open House, the Fire Safety House display throughout the City, displays at community events and speaking to organizations regarding fire safety. Should you have any function that you would like to have a speaker, call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 609-522-2444 ext. 2233.

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